Omega-7 fatty acids keeps the eyes bright and optics sharp.

The surface of the eye is protected by a lubricative film formed by tear fluid. Healthy nutrition supports the proper composition of the fluid as well as the proper moisture of the eye.

However, sometimes the production of tear fluid can become disturbed or its quality can be weak. At its worst, the condition of having dry eyes can cause the weakening of one’s vision or it can even give cause for medical treatment. Once again, the season of dry eyes is upon us as a result of mechanical air-conditioning indoors as well as indoor heating. Dryness is also increased through many illnesses and medicines as well as jobs in which one looks closely at computers with a fixated stare and a related lack of blinking.

Optician Aija Hirsimäki explains that our brains believe we are working rigorously when we look at – “stare at” – the screen of our computer or phone. Namely, when we look closely at something, the mechanism of our brain directs our eyes to keep from blinking, in which case the lubrication of our eyes is weakened and the symptoms of dryness are aggravated. This is why there are also many young people nowadays who suffer from symptoms of having dry eyes.

-Not everyone recognizes the symptoms or knows that there is help available. If you are wondering whether your eye problems may be due to dry eyes, it is recommended to discuss the matter with your optician or eye doctor, Hirsimäki advises.

The condition of having dry eyes has an effect on optics, thus causing an obstacle in eye examinations. When tear fluid is watery, the surface of the eye is briefly moisturized while one blinks, but after this, one’s vision quickly becomes blurry again.

According to Hirsimäki, things that affect the composition of the fluid include the quality and amount of oils and vitamins obtained through nutrition:

-A lack of certain fatty acids can cause the tear fluid to be excessively watery. For instance, diets and allergies prevent the system from obtaining necessary nutrients, but often even everyday food is lacking when it comes to nutritional values.

Organic food, seeds, almonds, certain oils and berries, all food sources that are healthy for the eyes.

Obtaining these through everyday food can feel challenging, as this recommendation means that one should daily eat a handful of sea-buckthorn berries and blueberries, among other things. On the other hand, when this same amount is pressed into oil, it is noticeably easier to obtain a sufficient intake.

This is why we developed Crystal Eye Omega, whose effective ingredients are Omega-7 fatty acid – obtained from sea-buckthorn berries, the anthocyanins of blueberries, and vitamin B2.


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