Typical symptoms for dry eyes include the smarting, reddening, itching, irritation, burning, and light sensitivity of the eyes; the feeling of having particles in the eyes; the fluctuation of visual acuity; and eyes that are easily irritated. A frequent need to blink is also a sign of the eyes drying. The eyes may also produce excess moisture if the quality of the tear fluid is low.

Symptoms are aggravated, for instance, by dry air indoors, by cold and windy weather, by mechanical air-conditioning, by high temperatures, and by all factors that can further the evaporation of liquid from the surface of the eye.

When you look closely [at something] (fixated stare at computer or other objects, frequent use of one’s phone, reading) the eyes blink less frequently because the brain “thinks” that blinking interrupts us from seeing. In this case, the lubricative tear fluid does not spread normally over the surface of the eyes, and the symptoms of dryness intensify. A lack of blinking may also lead to the malfunction of the oil-secreting Meibomian glands. A lack of oil in the tear film causes the symptoms of dry eyes.

People who use contact lenses also often experience symptoms of dry eyes. Throughout the day, the contact lenses “absorb” liquid from the moisture on the surface of the eyes, and the eyes begin to feel dry.

Dry eyes in the mornings are an ailment that many are familiar with. The eyes feel gritty and dirty because they have dried overnight because of a lack of blinking. Some people might sleep with their eyes slightly open, in which case the lower part of the eye dries during the night.


  1. drdorioeyecare says:

    I agree with you contact lenses are useful but in many ways they can be dangerous as they can be the cause of dry eye that more people don’t realize is very dangerous if it gets gets serious. Thank you for sharing this useful blog and information.


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